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Nintendo Wifi Error 98050

An unknown error occurred (-50)? What do I do? Why does it say media disconnected when I use the ipconfig command? Laptop keeps disconnecting and connecting from internet! this content

Mario Strikers Charged Football (Nintendo Wii) ERROR 86070 DISCONNECTED FROM NETWORK DURING DATA TRANSMISSION? I get an error message box after signing in to new msn messenger? Why do I keep getting kick off Nintendo Wifi? i cant get into the spades table anymore, every time i try it says "error logging into server" and "disconnect Does anyone know what error code 5021 means on the PS3?

Fallout 3 installation error... what does internal error-server disconnected mean when i try to get my email from ? I had a communication error with animal crossing city folk?

Can you? help please acer aspire laptop stuck on windows error recovery? JVM ERROR 505 BLACKBERRY BOLD FIX? Counter-Strike 1.6 i have an error that pops up and disconnects me, HELP?!!

hi, why,when i go onto video,microsoft always find a error and disconnect me from the internet? How to resolve an error code on ds and wii games? If you continue to cause errors, you will be blocked again for an indefinite period. http://www.nintendo.com/consumer/wfc/en_na/ds/results.jsp?error_code=052110-1&system=DS&locale=lang I have a network error, win32 generic host error(Image provided).

Zune connection Problem!!! Super Smash Bros Brawl wifi error for wii? how do i get rid of the blue error screen myself? Why am I getting an error message listed below?

  • Ipod error -69???????????
  • why does my keep disconnecting during downloads?
  • Thanks in advance.
  • show more Hi, whenevr I try to get onto Mario Strikers Charged Football's Wi-Fi mode, I can connect to the Nintendo WFC point, I can log on, but at 'Getting Statistics'
  • Okay, I'm making a movie in Windows Movie Maker and eventually uploading it to Youtube.
  • end of stream.
  • maytag gas range f9 error code?

If you do not understand what is causing this behavior, please contact us here. If a download error occur on the Wii do i have to pay again to download it again or will it resume? the device is connected and i had turned on the internet.but i get the error message below. Please help me!

what seems to be the problem? news WSAStartup How do i fix this? Can I get the error codes out with-? What error number can i use to say a phone has been disconnected?

Sorry, you've reached your daily messaging limit. Ver mais» Detalhes Detalhes Perguntas existentes Mais Diga-nos mais Upload em progresso Falha no carregamento. Chatroulette internet disconnecting error? have a peek at these guys Ps3 dns connection error psn disconnecting?

I ran Norton Systemworks Optimizer (defrag) on my laptop and I get "disk read error, press ctrl+alt+del" Help! O q pode ser? MW3 Disconnecting me from PSN?

How can i fix the one red light error 74 on my 360?

Is it possible to get banned from Black Ops Wii? Why does my SBC dial-up keep disconnecting me? a network error occured while you trying to connect to the server What is still wrong with my connection? how can i get internet explorer to display the page it says a disconnect error?

Error code question? So from the following, what... In Fusion Fall i get an error saying "ID ALREADY IN USE. check my blog The radio in my 2001 Grand AM is showing the word ERROR, it will not work, what is wrong?

Information collected on this page will only be used to send an email on your behalf and will not be used for any marketing purposes. Our internet connection keeps on disconnecting? I am positive that it's not my internet and that it is xboxlive? Help Please?

Battlefield 2142 disconnect error? How can I fix this? Can someone correct me on this? 5 answers · Comics & Animation · 8 years ago Could you recommend me an Anime? Anyone else experience this?

Car question about error codes? Recent questions and answers error disconnecting Terminator 3 War of the Machines Multiplayer CD key error? Maplestory: disconnecting from the login server? can any 1 help me to create a gprs connection between my mobile n laptop?

Error notice on my PC pentium -4 on Windows xp When playing SSBB on Wi-Fi, I always get an error message saying... Internet disconnecting-- using router? Anyone else experience this? Format: MPEG-1 Movie (*.mpg) Codec: mpeg1video Format: MPEG-2 Movie (*mpg) Codec: mpeg2video Format: AVI (*.avi) Codec: xvid mpeg4 msmpeg4 msmpeg4v2 wmv1 wmv2 mpeg2 mpeg1 h236p x264 huffyuv ffv1 Format: WMV (*.wmv)