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Nikon D70 Card Error


I turned the camera off and then turned it back on and everything was relatively cool. It's officially unreliable and I can't have that. __________________ If they hate you they have a subscription. -- Bratch BRATCH View Public Profile Send a private message to BRATCH Visit BRATCH's I started gettting this erro on one of the cards. The only way I can get the camera to work is to turn it off, pull the battery out then put it back in. weblink

I did opened my D70 and taped a small roll of a paper towel on the flexible cable as it presses cable down held by a bottom cover. James Reply by alain v 2011/02/17 thanks for all i'm a camerounian's camera operator but i have a lot of camera who is damage but no spare parts to change ,can Steve I have a Nikon D50 and have had for many years. http://www.takegreatpictures.com/HOME/Columns/Digital_Photography/Details/params/object/3693/default.aspx Jennifer Plotnick New memberUsername: PhotogalPost Number: 1Registered: Oct-06 Posted on Sunday, October 22, 2006 - 07:15 GMTI sure hope there are informed people checking this still. http://dgrin.com/showthread.php?t=79691

Nikon D70 Cha Error

Is there any way to fix that? I would like to send the camera to a trusted repair facility and pay them a fair price for the required service. so in effect is a push / pull motion going on in the CF slot, and the pins are moving ever so slightly in and out. I took out sd card, and the battery, waited a couple of mins then popped them back in.

If you have a memory card reader on your PC, you need to format the card through your computer. They said it is likely a blown bulb. i've read this informational forum, but haven't found the answer i need. Nikon D50 Chr Error The most infamous is bent pins, but that does not seem to be your your issue.

It could be the contact points that are a bit dirty. I lost that bookmark and am so happy to find it with a search query. SOLVED! $0 DIY Nikon D70 CHA/CHR Error Fix FREE* Way to Foster Democracy, Guys. http://www.stephanmantler.com/tech/d70s-camera-repair/ The stuff I removed was smaller than the naked eye could see.

No, the green light does not keep blinking...it's working normally. Nikon D70 Error Codes you have the correct media cards?? 01/21/2011 by pollytintop jim, have you managed to sort out this problem? My D70s recently developed the dreaded CHA error, refusing to recognize any perfectly fine CF cards. I need help.

  1. I have an older D70 with original battery and three high capacity CF cards all of which have been corrupted at various times.
  2. And how would a repair like this cost or is it even worth fixing?
  3. I got several quotes, beware of shops claiming to do them as they will often just send them off themselves and add a cut on top.
  4. It's a 1GB.
  5. Very similar to the problem Bill described in Aug 06.
  6. Looking for a little challenge?
  7. Even if I format the cards 4 times in a row.
  8. I tried the card on my Windows box, but it does not detect a removable device.

Nikon D70 For Error

So the question is, can a CHA error come from the card and not the reader/camera? https:[email protected]/discuss/72157628098088259/ The Weekly Word Challenge. Nikon D70 Cha Error i've formatted using the buttons: power on. Nikon D70 This Card Cannot Be Used the card reader doeasent recognise it.

The problem seems to be cured, at least until the pins get damaged again. have a peek at these guys Stumblebum takes us to the White Mountains Summit Boundary Peak Or maybe Arizona Canyons? It was smaller than a regular magnifying glass to see. Thanks Steven Sagala Nikon D70s - getting CHA error messages on all my CF cards, intermittently for several years, Favorite fix no longer works (freezing card overnight.) Should I replace card Nikon D70 Card Reader Replacement

Remove card and reinsert and 80% of the time it will work for another 30 or so pictures. also, i will fill you in on my experience with Nikon with regards to my D70 repairs... Replaced the CF reader no problem other than that awkward ribbon connector on the back panel which took a while. check over here Faye Stormer New memberUsername: Shutterbug7Pennsylvania U.S.A.

I have gone through the process to format the card (both through the menu, and the 2 button method), and the message remains. Nikon Cha Error i even left the format "going" on the third lexar 40x 256 mb card overnight with no result. It took me about 45 minutes moving slowly.

LeZot indicated they see this issue a lot with the D70.

Here are my questions: Let's say it's not the memory cards, what is the problem then? PetaPixel shows us how Sarah Roshan helped people save their weddings. Timelapse is one of hottest things in photography. For those not brave enough to attempt the repair then consider my comments below. Nikon D70 Format Card Can someone help me with this?

and repeatedly off and on for the rest of the day it would take pics, then say ERR, take a few more, then it would say CHA. Back to top Show/Hide Menu Menu Contact Satisfied Customers Tech D70s Camera Repair Elsewhere Háfjall Facebook Instagram 500px Contact Satisfied Customers Tech D70s Camera Repair Elsewhere Háfjall Facebook Instagram 500px D70s So I started googling for answers and the long and short of it is this. this content Faye Stormer New memberUsername: Shutterbug7Pennsylvania U.S.A.

The manual suggests checking the contacts and refers the user to page 2, which has nothing there about how to do that. Also there is no guarantee that repair cost would not be higher. Post Number: 6Registered: Jan-06 Posted on Tuesday, August 29, 2006 - 19:55 GMTI had had the problem with my Nikon D70 camera refusing my memory card and had posted a message