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Networking Error Messages


TNS-00145 PUMPS value in INTCHG.ORA is too large Cause:The number of PUMPS specified in INTCHG.ORA is too large to be supported on this platform. For example, add the following line to the .rhosts file to add a server named aspen with the IP address of aspen Make sure the .rhosts file is included Possible Solutions Hyperion recommends that the file descriptor limit setting be 1024 files. 1042024 Network Error: file descriptor limit in the system has been reached Possible Problems Analytic Services has reached Be sure to select named pipes as the networking protocol. this contact form

If Analytic Server crashed, follow the procedures for an abnormal shutdown. This error often occurs due to a network failure due to alarms being used on the network or AnyTime being left on overnight. Action:Refer to the Oracle operating system specific documentation for your platform for information on how the ORACLE environment should be set. TNS-00309 Connection Manager: Failed to open log while rereading parameter data Cause:Request sent by the Connection Manager to control program indicating that it could not reopen log file after rereading parameter

Network Errors List

TNS-00042 INTCTL: Cmanager already running. TNS-00514 Contexts have different wait/test functions Cause:Two protocol adapters have conflicting wait/test functions. TNS-00129 Internal error - Failed to create new community Cause:Internal Error.

  • TNS-00105 Could not initialize tracing Cause:The INTCHG.ORA file is improperly configured.
  • You may need to change the name of your computer to resolve this issue.
  • Check the operating system and networking documentation. 1042009 Network Error message: Unable To Create Host Server Socket Possible Problems The server computer cannot create a TCP/IP socket.
  • For further details, turn on tracing and reexecute the operation.
  • Nodes that transmit Ethernet frames append an FCS number, which lets the receiving device determine if the packet is complete and correct upon arrival.
  • TNS-00033 INTCTL:internal NL error Cause:Problem with internal TNS module NL.

If necessary, free up memory by running fewer programs, then try again. This error is not normally visible to the user. TNS-01154 SID detected in old format that is no longer supported Cause:One of the SIDs was specified in an obsolete format. Network Error Message On Android Regenerate TNSNET.ORA using the Oracle Network Manager.

TNS-00519 Operating system resource quota exceeded Cause:The current user has exceeded the allotted resource assigned in the operating system. Networking Error Codes Add the VPN address into the trusted sites in IE. TNS-00018 INTCTL: TNS_ADMIN not defined Cause:The TNS_ADMIN pointer is improperly set. learn this here now If the file is generated by the Oracle Network Manager, this error should not occur.

Not normally visible to the user. Common Network Problems And Solutions Action:For further details, turn on tracing and reexecute the operation. Action:None. TNS-01103 Protocol specific component of the address is incorrectly specified Cause:The ADDRESS used to contact the listener is not correctly specified.

Networking Error Codes

If Analytic Server has frozen, stop Analytic Server and follow the procedures for an abnormal shutdown. https://docs.oracle.com/cd/A57673_01/DOC/net/doc/NWTR23/ch6a.htm Look in the trace file for errors in the parameter loading process. Network Errors List TNS-00306 Connection Manager encountered an invalid/ unknown trace level Cause:Message sent back by the Connection Manager indicating an invalid trace level. Common Network Errors TNS-01178 Trace Level is 0.

Step 2 of 2: You forgot to provide an Email Address. TNS-00230 Cannot start new pump process: error string Cause:Unable to create a new process; possibly there are too many processes on the machine. Restart the Interchange when convenient. Consult the Windows-specific documentation. 1040017 Host Name Not Available Possible Problems Analytic Services cannot find the specified host name. Types Of Network Errors

TNS-00532 No previous async operation to wait on Cause:Internal protocol adapter error. Consult the Analytic Services Installation Guide. Log file/directory unchanged Cause:Log status needs to be set ON for changing the log file Action:Use command set log_status ON to set the log status of the listener ON. http://windowsazure4j.org/network-error/network-error-messages.html The signature was not verified.

Action:Start your listener with an unused address. Causes Of Network Failure If error persists, call Worldwide Customer Support. The file descriptor limit determines how many files an application can open at any one time.

If a client receives this message, make sure that the Analytic Server you are trying to connect to is running.

SearchDataCenter Dell EMC hyper-converged infrastructure power-up stirs new uses, users Adding Dell servers to its hyper-converged infrastructure lineup boosts scalability and reliability for more use cases, says Dell... If error persists, contact Worldwide Customer Support. Consult the networking documentation. 1042003 Network Error message: Unable To Locate serverName In Hosts File Possible Problems Analytic Services cannot locate the server computer name. Common Network Problems And Solutions Pdf Action:Ensure that the supplied destination address matches one of the addresses used by the listener -- compare the TNSNAMES.ORA entry with the appropriate LISTENER.ORA file (or TNSNAV.ORA if the connection is

If error continues, turn on tracing in the Interchange components and examine the trace files to determine the cause of the problem. Action:Respond by pressing y or n. If error persists, contact Worldwide Customer Support. http://windowsazure4j.org/network-error/network-connection-error-messages.html If this component is not set, then check the value of the ORACLE_HOME environment variable.

In any event, contact Worldwide Customer Support. TNS-00252 Unable to handle route request Cause:Command requested did not exist. The supplied message is incomplete. If error persists, contact Worldwide Customer Support.

Action:Make sure the networking protocol being used is properly installed on the machine. TNS-00112 Failed to find configuration file name Cause:Name specified for configuration file was incorrect. Regenerate TNSNET.ORA using the Oracle Network Manager.