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Netbilling Error Codes


REB_PERIOD The length of time between rebillings, specified in days, or an SQL date expression. SIM also provides a customizable and secure payment gateway hosted payment form to make integration easy. After all information is completed and you have double checked for accuracy, click the button that reads Generate Button. Step 3: Click the check boxes to select the email types you would like to receive. have a peek here

NBCheck parameters account_number27 Checking account number in : format, e.g. "123456789:9999999999" where 123456789 is the bank's 9 digit ABA (routing) number, and 9999999999 is the checking account number (both are printed Product Description

The text that you chose to type in this field will appear on the join page as well as on the customers receipt. When using Crypto-Hash, all the fields required for the transaction are passed just as normal to the Direct Mode interface. The payment gateway will return a list of transactions that match your specified search criteria. https://www.netbilling.com/info/transaction_defs08.html

Invalid Merchant Id

Can be used to indicate that a specific transaction was not a hotel-industry transaction, even thought the account is setup for hotel processing by default. Approved Order Limits The Approved Order Limits settings stop customers from placing too many orders, or charging too much money on the same card for similar orders. Step 2: Select the Payment Method for the transaction that you need to enter. Use With This Site

Select the site that you are making the button for.

site_tagOptionalThis field specifies a particular site tag from which the data will be extracted. card_cvv24 Credit card CVV2/CVC value, which is the 3 or 4 digit code on the back of the credit card used for fraud prevention. Trusted Consultants We maintain a list of consultants that we recommend working with when it comes to managed support, customization, and setup help. Credit Card Processing Error Codes You can view details for any transaction included in this result set by clicking the Transaction ID.

Extension Details Developer: Joe Miller Version: 2..5 × Netbilling Gateway Changelog Version 2.5.0, August 26, 2016 Removed payment form redirect. Response code 103 can be received in the event that your payment gateway account is configured for Expanded Credits Capabilities (ECC), and the account password is being submitted with transactions. descriptionThe product description data associated with the given transaction. How to Block unwanted emails ?

Up to 4000 characters GEN_AMOUNT The amount of the transaction. Serv Not Allowed While the connection to Direct Mode is typically made with a secure HTTP (https://) connection, additional security is always recommended, particularly for financial transactions. The charged_back_after / charged_back_before query parameters are matched based on this date. Step 2: Click Settlement Statement or Billing Reserve Statement.

  • The following steps summarize a credit card transaction processed through the payment gateway.
  • Sending transactions multi-threaded on FDR-OMAHA can result in slower than usual transaction responses and transaction loss at batch close time.
  • How can I view my eCheck.Net statements?
  • Of course, this is only secure so long as your Crypto-Hash key is secure.

Sec Violation On Credit Card Machine

The second method of security required to take advantage of these reporting interfaces comes in the form of providing a list of approved access keywords for each site tag that is see here Crypto-Hash Crypto-Hash is Netbilling's proprietary system for ensuring data integrity across insecure connections. Invalid Merchant Id See ISO Country Codes ship_name120 First name of shipping recipient. Card No Error Note that there are legalities involved with automatic rebilling.

NETbilling is available by appointment for a full one on one walk-thru with the main user of the administrative area. navigate here The same as the request amount, except for Dynamic Currency Conversion merchants, where this field together with settle_currency indicate the actual amount and currency billed to the cardholder. The full interface for this works similarly to Direct Mode and is documented in the membership update script documentation. cust_phone40 Phone number of the customer. Visa Declined Codes

Plugin now accounts for this. top of page How do I refund a credit card or bank account? Click here to signup... http://windowsazure4j.org/error-codes/nikon-d50-error-codes-r09.html ID numbers are obtained by a GET or POST request to http://secure.netbilling.com:1401/gw/sas/getid3.2.

Step 6: Click Submit. Declined 05 Step 1: Click Settings in the left side menu. Certified Shopping Carts – Certified shopping carts integrate to the payment gateway using AIM and are compliant with the highest payment gateway security standards.

top of page How can I view my eCheck.Net statements?

If specified in an SQL-style expression, the initial membership period can also be prorated. Negative Database The Negative Database declines transactions based on IP address, email address, dot-extension, or credit card number. Step 6: The payment gateway sends the transaction results to the customer and/or the merchant. Decline Code 51 If YES, use Advanced Integration Method (AIM).

charged_back_beforeOptional" " 1 = At least one of these fields is required. processor_rec_idThe processor record ID for transaction. Custom Payment Forms

Merchants have been asking for the ability to create custom payment forms that follow the look of their sites. this contact form You will not receive email types that are not selected.

Do not enable settings that allow your Web browser to remember your password. Three options are available: Authorize and Capture, Authorize Only, and Capture Only. dollars. top of page How can I view my payment gateway billing statement?

The HTTP message "Missing Parameter (account_id)", contains a brief description of the error. 4.2 Exception codes and handling Normally clients will simply treat all non-200 HTTP codes as errors, and return E/DECLINED: The email address in the transaction is not valid. Both ChargeBacks and Retrieval Requests can be downloaded. This is to be used for testing your site.

These keywords can be managed from the Website Config page for the given site tag. Step 1: Click Transaction Detail in the main left side menu. The gateway can process several transactions online, or manually via the Virtual Terminal along with recurring transactions. auth_code ?

These messages are processor specific, may change, and are not intended to be machine readable. Parameter Definition Table - Table 2.2.1 3.0 Protocol Response Reference In this section, all response parameters returned by the system are explained. 3.1 Transaction Response Parameter Definitions All standard transactions (auth,