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When I try to view an item is says: Network error (code 5013) Tried on both mobile data and wifi. Unknown Session Error Received;Transaction Failed Base Diameter 3GPP (10415) 5002 DIAMETER_ERROR_IDENTITIES_DONT_MATCH Message was received with a public identity and a private identity for a user, and server determines that the public U.S. Click OK.8. http://windowsazure4j.org/error-code/network-error-code-102-10.html

Transaction Failed Gx 3GPP (10415) 5148 DIAMETER_ADC_RULE_EVENT Used when the ADC rules cannot be installed/activated. Use dsTest in your telecommunications testing cloud. Read more about Diameter compliance and functional testing  and LTE testing with dsTest. Obvious solution to make Note 7's 'safe' for transport? Clicking Here

Sql Server Error Code 5023

Please wait for backup completion before trying this operation again. ERROR_NON_CSV_PATH 5950 (0x173E) The path does not belong to a cluster shared volume. ERROR_CSV_VOLUME_NOT_LOCAL 5951 (0x173F) The cluster shared Transaction Failed T4 3GPP (10415) 5550 DIAMETER_ERROR

_ABSENT_USER Sent by the MME over the SGd interface or by the SGSN over the Gdd interface to indicate that the UE is not Transaction Successful Cx/Dx 3GPP (10415) 2021 DIAMETER_PDP_CONTEXT_DELETION_INDICATION (GGSN) - indication to the server that the requested PDP Context or IP-CAN session has been deleted; (PGW) - indication to the server that Transaction Failed Sh/Dh 3GPP (10415) 5105 DIAMETER_ERROR _TRANSPARENT_DATA_OUT_OF_SYNC Repository data update at the HSS could not be completed because the requested update is based on an out-of-date version of the repository

Transaction Failed Cx/Dx, S6,S13, STa, S6b/H2, SWd, SWm, SWx 0 5005 DIAMETER_MISSING_AVP Request received does not contain an AVP required by the command code definition. Transaction Failed Base Diameter 3GPP (10415) 5041 DIAMETER_ERROR_USER _NO_WLAN_SUBSCRIPTION Message was received for a user with no WLAN subscription. (no dsTest OM) Wa,Wd,Wx,Wm,Wd 3GPP (10415) 5042 DIAMETER_ERROR _W-APN_UNUSED_BY_USER Message was received Read about our latest performance benchmark, verified by EANTC. Win32 Error Codes This may happen if the resource is in a pending state. ERROR_CLUSTER_GUM_NOT_LOCKER 5085 (0x13DD) A non locker code got a request to reserve the lock for making global updates.

I can't find "Base Filtering Engine" in my services!! CSV disks must have at least one partition that is formatted with NTFS. ERROR_RESOURCE_NOT_IN_AVAILABLE_STORAGE 5965 (0x174D) The resource must be part of the Available Storage group to complete this action. Transaction Failed T4 3GPP (10415) 5531 DIAMETER_ERROR_SC_CONGESTION Sent by the SMS-SC to indicate that SC is congested and unable to deliver the device trigger request. https://community.norton.com/en/forums/error-50133-12 Transaction Successful Cx/Dx 0 2002 DIAMETER_LIMITED_SUCCESS Request is processed but additional processing is required to provide access to user.

Transaction Failed Gx, S9 3GPP (10415) 4181 DIAMETER_AUTHENTICATION_DATA_UNAVAILABLE Sent by the HSS to indicate that an unexpectedly transient failure occurs. Response Code 400 Base Diameter Success Result Codes Refer to our Specification Map for standards documentation on the interfaces referenced on this page. This may happen during a join operation if the cluster database was changing during the join. ERROR_RESMON_INVALID_STATE 5084 (0x13DC) The resource monitor will not allow the fail operation to be We've just sent you an email to .

Vpn Cannot Use The Transport Because It Is Already In Use

Transaction Failed SLg,

T6a/T6b 3GPP (10415) 4222 DIAMETER_ERROR_SUSPENDED_USER Sent by the MME to indicate that the user is suspended in the MME. http://electricquilt.com/support/activation-error-codes/ If it is the last node in the cluster, destroy cluster command should be used. ERROR_CLUSTER_SINGLETON_RESOURCE 5940 (0x1734) Only one instance of this resource type is allowed in the cluster. Sql Server Error Code 5023 Data was not properly initialized. ERROR_CLUSTER_PARTIAL_READ 5921 (0x1721) An error occurred while reading from a stream of data. 0x800710e8 Cannot Use The Transport Because It Is Already In Use Transaction Failed Sh/Dh 3GPP (10415) 5104 DIAMETER_ERROR_USER _DATA_CANNOT_BE_NOTIFIED Requested user data is not allowed to be notified on changes.

How Do I Get Started with OptiSurface Designer? his comment is here unknown or expired) Bootstrapping Transaction Identifier (BTID). (no dsTest OM) Zn/Zh/Zpn 3GPP (10415) 5420 DIAMETER_ERROR _UNKNOWN_EPS_SUBSCRIPTION Sent by the HSS to indicate that no EPS subscription is associated with the IMSI. Forgot your password? It Just Keeps Getting Worse... Error Code 4000 Just Eat

Stay logged in Sign up now! App ID Result Code Name Description dsTest® OM Reference Point 5XXX Permanent Failures 0 5001 DIAMETER_AVP_UNSUPPORTED AVP received that is not recognized or supported and was marked with the ‘M' (Mandatory) For general information on Diameter messages and AVPs, refer to our Diameter Dictionary. http://windowsazure4j.org/error-code/network-error-code-299.html I'm lost!

To retrieve the description text for the error in your application, use the FormatMessage function with the FORMAT_MESSAGE_FROM_SYSTEM flag. Windows Error Code Unknown User Error Received; Transaction Failed Base Diameter 0 5031 DIAMETER_RATING_FAILED OCS was not able to correctly rate the service due to errors in one or more AVPs provided in the Transaction Failed Rx 3GPP (10415) 5065 IP-CAN_SESSION_NOT_AVAILABLE PCRF rejects a new Rx session setup when it fails to associate the described service IP flows within the session information received from the

Transaction Failed Cx/Dx, Sh/Dh 0 5012 DIAMETER_UNABLE_TO_COMPLY Message rejected because of unspecified reasons.

IP-CAN Session Not Available (PCRF) Transaction Failed (Client) Rx 3GPP (10415) 5066 UNAUTHORIZED_NON _EMERGENCY_SESSION PCRF rejects new Rx session setup because the session binding function associated a non-Emergency IMS session to Software License and Workstations / Machines Credit Charged Twice for the Same Field Computer Change: How to Transfer Credits? To determine what cleanup steps failed and how to recover, see the Failover Clustering application event log using Event Viewer. ERROR_CLUSTER_PARAMETER_MISMATCH 5897 (0x1709) Two or more parameter values specified for Error Code 40000 Home Products Solutions About Us News

Here are some pictures taken on Pixel and Pixel XL Loading... Redirect Indication Rcvd Base Diameter 0 3007 DIAMETER_APPLICATION_UNSUPPORTED Request was received for an application that is not supported. Affected PCC-Rules will be provided in the Charging-Rule-Report AVP including the reason and status. Absence of the Charging-Rule-Report means that all provided PCC rules for that specific bearer/session are affected.  Transaction Failed navigate here Transaction Failed Base Diameter 0 3010 DIAMETER_UNKNOWN_PEER CER message was received from unknown peer.

Create a password I agree to the terms of service Signed in as (Sign out) Close Close Sign in Sign in Sign up Cancel Licensing and Credits Error Codes for Licenses Due to quorum requirements node eviction will result in cluster shutdown. Developer resources Microsoft developer Windows Windows Dev Center Windows apps Desktop Internet of Things Games Holographic Microsoft Edge Hardware Azure Azure Web apps Mobile apps API apps Service fabric Visual Opinion Moto and Updates: More Planned Obsolesce from Lenovo’s MotorolaGoogle Assistant Summary: What We Know and Don’t Know — Try for Yourself (Enable on Any Nougat ROM)!Samsung Sent us a “Note

The owner node cannot run this resource. ERROR_CLUSTER_NODE_NOT_READY 5072 (0x13D0) The cluster node is not ready to perform the requested operation. ERROR_CLUSTER_NODE_SHUTTING_DOWN 5073 (0x13D1) The cluster node is shutting Transaction Failed SLg, SLh 3GPP (10415) 5510 DIAMETER_ERROR _UNAUTHORIZED_REQUESTING_ENTITY Sent by the HSS to indicate that the SCS is not allowed to request control plane services for an UE, to the Was a full backup done before? ERROR_FULL_BACKUP 4004 (0xFA4) The backup failed. Transaction Failed Cx/Dx, S6, S13 3GPP (10415) 5421 DIAMETER_ERROR_RAT_NOT_ALLOWED This result code shall be sent by the HSS to indicate the RAT type the UE is using is not allowed for

Transaction Failed Base Diameter 0 5011 DIAMETER_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION Unsupported version. Click Settings. 3. Transaction Failed Cx/Dx 3GPP (10415) 5009  DIAMETER_ERROR _NOT_SUPPORTED_USER_DATA The S-CSCF informs HSS that the received subscription data contained information which was not recognised/supported Transaction Failed Cx/Dx 0 5010 DIAMETER_NO_COMMON_APPLICATION Response of Use shared volume APIs to perform desired operation. ERROR_CLUSTER_BACKUP_IN_PROGRESS 5949 (0x173D) Back up is in progress.

Transaction Failed Base Diameter 0 3008 DIAMETER_INVALID_HDR_BITS Request was received whose bits in the Diameter header were an invalid combination or a value inconsistent with the Command Code's definition. To change the owner node for the group, move the group. ERROR_CLUSTER_DATABASE_SEQMISMATCH 5083 (0x13DB) The join operation failed because the cluster database sequence number has changed or is incompatible with Change Language Error Code Lookup System Nintendo 3DS family Wii U Wii and Wii mini Nintendo DSi family Nintendo DS family Language English Francais Espanol Related Topics Wireless Router Help Clanderson Visitor2 Reg: 11-Jan-2012 Posts: 1 Solutions: 0 Kudos: 0 Kudos0 Error: "5013,3" Posted: 11-Jan-2012 | 7:24AM • 2 Replies • Permalink I get this error code (Error: 5013,3) several times

Simply register here to instantly improve your Android experience! Transaction Failed Gx 3GPP (10415) 5144 DIAMETER_ERROR _TRAFFIC_MAPPING_INFO_REJECTED Used when the PCRF does not accept one or more of the traffic mapping filters. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Transaction Failed S6m,S6n,S6t,

T6a/T6b 3GPP (10415) 5511 DIAMETER_ERROR _UNAUTHORIZED_SERVICE Sent by the HSS to indicate that the specific service requested by the SCS is not allowed for an UE, or that

Informational Result Codes Refer to our Specification Map for standards documentation on the interfaces referenced on this page.